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Ascentor’s 360-degree approach to critical cyber security is rooted in four key stages – Discover, Protect, Comply, and Review.

The Discover stage involves identifying an organisation’s digital assets and understanding its cyber risks, forming the basis for a robust cyber security strategy. The Protect stage provides robust safeguards to respond to and ward off cyber threats, ensuring the integrity of digital assets. In the Comply stage, Ascentor ensures alignment of cyber security practices with all legal and regulatory standards, helping you show commitment to cyber security excellence. Our Review stage focuses on continuous enhancement through regular cyber security review, ISO Audit, and timely updates to strategies to stay ahead of evolving threats. Our comprehensive and cyclical approach helps organisations traverse the complex cyber landscape and secure their valuable assets.

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Cyber Security Consulting

Our UK-based cyber security consulting services provide comprehensive, tailored solutions for high-risk systems across government, defence, civil nuclear and commercial sectors. We offer a dynamic approach, leveraging our deep industry knowledge to identify vulnerabilities, harden systems and provide robust cyber security strategies.

Our services include rigorous technical and policy/procedural risk assessments, cyber security maturity assessments and remediation services, proactive compliance guidance , and a range of Gap Analysis services for; Industry Personnel Security Assurance (IPSA), Cyber Security Model, List N and Facility Security Clearance (FSC) requirements. Our commitment is to deliver effective, strategic solutions that also foster a culture of security awareness. We strive to ensure your operations remain secure, resilient, and compliant in the face of evolving cyber threats.

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Management Systems

In an increasingly interconnected business landscape, effective management systems – from information security and environmental impact to business continuity and occupational health and safety – are imperative. Whether in the commercial sector, non-profit or public sector, threats to business operations and compliance requirements demand effective strategy, precision, and expertise to achieve certified management systems that meet international standards.

We provide comprehensive management system certification support. From GDPR audits to supporting implementing management systems to international standards such as ISO 27001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 and ISO 50001. Our integrated approach includes gap analysis, compliance and training, enhancing operational resilience, protecting your reputation and evidencing your compliance.

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Technical Assurance

In an era of persistent and sophisticated cyber threats, having strong technical assurance for your cyber security measures is paramount. We provide an array of accredited technical assurance services tailored to both government and commercial organisations. We ensure your systems are secure and comply with the latest security standards and best practices.

Our services include IASME Cyber Assurance for streamlined compliance with leading security standards, Managed Security Monitoring for real-time threat detection and response, Managed Vulnerability Assessments, and Cyber Security Health Checks to assess and strengthen your security posture. With our layered approach to cyber security, we ensure robust, dynamic defences that protect your data, safeguard your reputation and enable your organisation to thrive in the digital age.

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& Defence

We deliver an array of bespoke services tailored to the specific needs of government and defence sectors, including the Ministry of Defence (MoD). Our expertise spans risk management, accreditation, technical assurance and supply chain security. We provide comprehensive solutions such as RMADS development, as well as Information Assurance (IA) and cyber security consultancy to help departments meet stringent government security policies.

We’re specialists in advising suppliers on government security procedures to secure sensitive information and maintain compliance. With our deep understanding of the unique challenges facing public sector organisations and their suppliers, we provide robust, pragmatic solutions that ensure data integrity, protect national security and foster trust in the digital domain.

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& Enterprise

As a leading UK-based cyber security consultancy and technical services provider, we cater specifically to commercial organisations across various sectors such as retail, financial services, and telecommunications.

We understand the unique cyber threats facing these sectors, providing services such as IASME Cyber Assurance, cyber security health checks and managed vulnerability assessments. Our approach includes rigorous risk assessments, strategic planning and the implementation of robust security measures tailored to each business’s specific needs. By delivering bespoke cyber security solutions, we empower businesses to protect their valuable data, ensure regulatory compliance, maintain client trust, and secure their commercial success.

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Why Choose Ascentor?

Unrivalled experience - Ascentor - Cyber Security Consultants

Unrivalled Experience

We leverage years of experience in cyber security to deliver comprehensive solutions tailored to your needs.

Extensive accreditations - Ascentor - Cyber Security Consultants

Extensive Certifications

We're certified in ISO 9001:2015, Cyber Essentials Plus, IASME Gold and are a Crown Commercial Service Supplier.

Qualified consultants - Ascentor - Cyber Security Consultants

Qualified Consultants

NCSC (CESG) Certified Professionals CCP and Certified Information System Security Professional CISSP certified.

Certified Professionals - Ascentor - Cyber Security Consultants

Certified Professionals

We're Certified Information Security Managers (CISM).

Security Industry Leaders - Ascentor - Cyber Security Consultants

Security Industry Leaders

We're members of the Chartered Institute of Information Security (CIISec). CREST and Cyber Scheme Registered Pentesters.

Emerging Threats - Ascentor - Cyber Security Consultants

Emerging Threats

We stay ahead of the curve, consistently updating our services to handle the rapidly evolving landscape of cyber threats.

Cyber Security Partners - Ascentor - Cyber Security Consultants

Cyber Security Partners

We work closely with clients, fostering partnerships to better understand and address your cyber security needs.

Pragmatic Solutions - Ascentor - Cyber Security Consultants

Pragmatic Solutions

We offer pragmatic, accessible solutions that balance security needs with the realities of your operational requirements.

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