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Information is a valuable
business asset.

Any organisation that wants to be competitive, profitable and trusted today must protect its information from risk – in cyberspace, in the office or even on employees’ personal devices.

Ascentor specialises in independent cyber risk management. We view information security as a powerful business enabler.

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A member of Amtivo Group since 2021, Ascentor has specialised in independent information and cyber security consultancy since 2004. With our strong defence background you get military grade advice to protect your information and strengthen your business for the future.

We understand the cyber security industry and we do our best to get under the skin of your business to understand your business imperative and make you as secure as you want to be or can afford. Cyber security is not a black and white discipline, yes technology is critical but so is a firm understanding of the risks you face to maximise the benefit of your security spend. In other words we help you get the biggest security bang for your buck. If you had to sum Ascentor up in one word – Pragmatic.

Whether you are a public sector organisation, government supplier or commercial business – we can help you raise your game. 

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