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In April 2022, Secure Business Computing Solutions (SBCS) was acquired by cyber security specialists, Ascentor. We combined the strengths of both businesses to complement one another and deliver an improved experience for all of our existing and new clients. This acquisition demonstrates Ascentor’s commitment to strengthen its position and business offering within the market. We aim to achieve this by supporting individuals and organisations operating across different industries and markets with the management of their cyber risks and security challenges.

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Cyber Essentials & Cyber Essentials Plus

Protect your business from cyber threats with a Cyber Essentials certification and receive expert support from Ascentor.

IASME Cyber Assurance

Get industry-leading data protection with Ascentor’s IASME Cyber Assurance and give your clients confidence in your cyber security measures.

ISO 27001

Discover how an ISO 27001 certification can benefit your organisation, from reduced cyber security risks to increased customer trust.

Technical Assurance

Ascentor’s technical assurance service provides complete security and compliance. Our expert team ensures your systems are always safe.

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