ISO in a Box™ Assisted Build.

What is ISO in a Box™ Assisted Build?

For customers that have a dedicated resource available to implement the requirements of the relevant standard, we recommend an Assisted Build package.

With this package, we provide the ISO in a Box™ template system with training and advice on how to modify it to fit your organisation. We also verify that it has been implemented correctly and meets the ISO certification requirements by conducting full internal audits prior to the certification audit.

For each standard you are looking to implement, a typical Assisted Build package will include:

  • Minimum of two days on-site training and progress reviews.
  • Off-site support by email and phone throughout the duration of the project.
  • A full internal audit following implementation of your system and prior to the certification audit.

To view a comparison of Full System Build versus Assisted System Build click here.

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Learn about the main ISO standards

ISO 9001 – Quality management standard that demonstrates an organisational commitment to product and service quality.
ISO 14001 – Environmental management standard designed to reduce waste and lower an organisation’s environmental impact.
ISO 17025 – Testing management standard the demonstrates testing integrity and independence.
ISO 22301 – Business continuity management standard that reduces the impact of disruption on organisational activities.
ISO 27001 – Information security management systems standard designed to reduce IT and IS risks and lower data threats.
ISO 45001 – Enhance occupational health and safety management systems, reducing the risk of injury and harm in the workplace.
ISO 50001 – Improve energy efficiency across operations, premises, transport and industrial processes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I consider using an ISO consultant?

Introducing an ISO-compliant management system can have a significant impact on an organisation. While many companies opt to appoint an internal project leader to take charge of the process, the project may stall or fail to materialise without external expert guidance. The reasons for this are twofold: a lack of internal proficiency and competing demands from daily operations hindering the project’s progression.

What are the benefits of using an ISO consultant?

A good consultant will utilise their expertise and familiarity with ISO standards to assist you in comprehending the requirements and benefits of such standards.

Employing the most effective methodologies, including solutions that have proven effective in your industry or related fields, our expert consultants ensure that your management system aligns with your organisation’s unique requirements and aspirations.

By engaging one of our consultants, you are investing in an external resource that solely focuses on successfully delivering your project in its entirety, within budget and on schedule.

What help can you give me before I make any decisions?

Before pursuing an ISO certification for the first time, most organisations require assistance in comprehending the undertaking’s intricacies. We understand that before committing to an investment, you need to have a clear understanding of your objectives and confidence in your chosen support team.

We encourage you to reach out to us for information regarding ISO certification projects and an initial conversation about your specific situation and requirements. If you wish to discuss matters in greater detail with one of our consultants via phone or face-to-face, we are happy to arrange a free-of-charge consultation with no obligations.

When you are prepared, we can provide you with a fixed-price quotation tailored to your unique circumstances and objectives. This quotation will contain all of the necessary information to establish a budget, resource plan, project plan, and investment justification, allowing you to evaluate the cost-benefit of proceeding and attain internal buy-in for the project.

Can I meet my desired business outcomes within my target timescales?

We designed our consultancy approach and software tools to embody our belief that all management systems have a simple purpose: to enable an organisation to satisfy its customers’ requirements and minimise business risk.

All of our clients that seek certification have been successfully certified by UKAS-accredited certification bodies without exception.

Our consultants are very experienced project managers and will create timescales with you at the outset. We will not commit to your project if we feel that your expectations are unrealistic. As your project progresses, you and your consultant may agree to adjust the project plan if appropriate.

Do you have experience of working in my industry sector and in the standards I am interested in?

Our consultants have a diverse range of experience derived from working with over 1,600 clients since 2000 across a range of industries and sectors.

When assigning a consultant to your project, experience in your industry sector and standard(s) is a key consideration to ensure that you get the best value from your investment.

How will a consultant be selected for my project?

When assigning a consultant to your project, relevant experience in the standard(s) you need and your industry sector are our primary considerations. However, location and personalities are also important factors to ensure that we match the right consultant to your organisation, allowing you to build a working relationship based on mutual trust and confidence from the start.

Do all ISO In A Box™ consultants use the same project approach?

All consultancy services are delivered using the ISO in a Box™ methodology, ensuring a consistently high standard of work, with a 100% certification success rate since 2000.

For quality assurance and to maintain 100% customer satisfaction, our consultancy Operations Manager monitors all projects and is available to discuss any aspect of your project.

Will I have just one point of contact for the duration of my project?


You will have a dedicated ISO consultant to guide you through the project. This way, they gain a full understanding of the way your organisation operates and your specific needs, and are accountable for the success of your project.

Your consultant will also have the Head Office team behind them, supporting them by being a backup if for any reason your consultant is unavailable.

What level of qualification will my ISO In A Box™ consultant have?

All our consultants are IRCA (International Register of Certified Auditors) Lead Auditor qualified in the standards that they provide consultancy for. This is the same level of training that the UKAS-accredited certification body auditors receive, guaranteeing that they have an expert understanding of the requirements that must be met to achieve certification.

Will my consultant be local?

Where possible, we will always assign a consultant who is based locally. We pay careful attention to matching you with a consultant who has relevant specialist experience in your industry sector and the relevant standard(s) and this means that in some cases your consultant may come from a little further afield.

As we do not charge any expenses additionally to your project fees, your budget will not be affected if your consultant has to travel to get to you.

What type of support can I expect throughout the project?

Our expert consultants provide flexible support, taking into account the level of time and resources that you have available for your project. Depending on your needs, your consultant can act as project leader and manager, subject matter expert, and hands-on ‘do-er’ to help you draft and refine documentation.

In addition to the time your consultant spends with you at your premises, they will also be available by phone or email to provide advice and guidance as they will also work on your project off-site.

Is there additional support available?

Alongside our expert ISO consultants, we have a dedicated Head Office Support team, including a legal team, that provides resources and guidance at all stages of your project. With Ascentor, you will always have a backup option in addition to your consultant for any urgent enquiries or questions during your project. This team is available by phone, email or via links from our website.

To maintain 100% customer satisfaction and high-quality services, our consultancy Operations Manager monitors all projects and is available to discuss any aspect of your project.

Is there a guarantee of successful certification?

Without exception, all our clients that seek certification have been successfully certified by UKAS-accredited certification bodies. That’s a 100% success rate over 19 years.

This record provides not only reassurance based on 19 yers of experience but also tangible results. If you were to fail your certification audit owing to shortcomings in your management system documentation, we guarantee that we would correct the problem free of charge and cover the cost of the certification body to come back to audit your management system again.

Are there any additional costs?

There are no additional costs. We work to a fixed price with no hidden extras to get you ‘certification ready’, with the price we quote including any expenses incurred in accommodation, subsistence and travel to and from your main or agreed site or sites, unless otherwise advised.

In addition to our consultancy fee to get you ready for certification, you will also need to budget for certification body fees. A certification body needs to carry out an initial certification audit before conducting a regular surveillance audit, usually annually. Certification fees are paid directly to your chosen certification body.

Will you help me choose a certification body?

There is a wide choice of UKAS-accredited certification bodies available for you to choose from, their day rates and number of days that they can quote varying considerably.

Your ISO in a BoxTM project, whether you choose Assisted Build or Full System Build, includes help from your consultant to select the right certification body for your organisation. Your consultant will ensure the certification audit scope is correct and costs are reasonable, and will liaise with your chosen certification body on your behalf.

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